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In the olden days, there used to be a poster applied or made available for one to see if they could help, or provide information about a certain individual(s), subject or event that needed additional facts or criteria.

Communications was a difficult task to say the least. At least from one city to another city, from one state to another state, or perhaps from an area in a large territory to the other side which accounted for numerous miles in between.

Info to be added: Pony Express, Telegraph, Radio, Television, Internet, Satellites, Cell Phones – to be continued.

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Not only did it cost money to have these services provided, but only those who were capable of delivering the goods were able to make a living at what they did.

Today we have a computer that we can hold in our hand and take with us almost every where we go. Not only do we pay for the services, but we can be rewarded for advancing the business itself. How incredible is that?

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