Franchise Rewards

Something that most people have never really taken time to think about is having their own business and especially one that is associated with being part of a franchise chain.

Let’s talk about McDonald’s for example.

In my younger years I remember how exciting it was when we had a McDonald’s show up and how easy it was to order a hamburger for a mere 15 cents.

In fact, they would keep track of how many hamburgers were sold nation wide. The sign read 547,000 hamburgers have been sold to date. Wow! Over 1/2 million hamburgers from one franchise.

That number is now in the billions! How many McDonald’s are there? They’re not just in the U.S. , but all over the world. Ray Kroc was the main visionary. His creativity and imagination set a very high standard for others to follow. Let me explain.

He knew that there would be hundreds if not thousands of people who were looking for a quick meal. There was only such much time for lunch. It was great having someone else cook for you also.

Having the ability to earn from 50 restaurants as opposed to just 1 restaurant gave chase to an incredible profit producing machine.

It is the same for you and your home based business. You earn a portion or percentage from everyone in your group and a percentage from those who join your recruits as well.

It’s a Win Win situation and increases as time goes by.

Your income grows from others joining and remaining active.

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