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Information to Guide You:

Having the right information makes all the difference.

Most people never get the right details, make the time, … or have the time to do the research necessary to create a baseline for having the proper options in helping them to arrive at important decisions. The following information is here to help guide you.

Your Health is Your Responsibility. No matter what others tell you, and this includes your doctor, you have the final say. Let’s take a moment to look at the latest pandemic.

Covid 19 is a hot topic right now! And will be for years to come. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate – who is right? Click on the link below to watch a podcast with Dr. Richard Fleming. His credibility is key!

His website provides a large amount of updates, regulations, difference of opinions, but mostly scientific elements with proven concepts that were revealed during the podcast. Take a moment when you have the time to review his research.

One of the highlights or key points that he wants a person to see when first viewing his website has been moved. Not sure why? I consider it extremely important for us normal individuals and it is called – “Virus Chasing”. It will answer a lot of your questions quickly.

This will help you get started without having to do a lengthy search and let you know if this is something you have been looking for.

Enjoy the read. It is fascinating and extremely informative.

Also, so as not to take too much time, I would go to this link for my second choice:

These two links alone will bring you up to speed and give you insights that are hard to find in just doing a general search on the internet.