Self Education

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“A formal education will make you a living … Self Education will make you a Fortune.” — Jim Rohn

There is a lot of information about the validity of Networking, MLM and Home Based Business opportunities. In fact, there is so much information, it’s easy to end up with information over load.

With so much to choose from … let me see if I can keep us on the right path to success and stay focused on the right people to trust and learn from.

One of my mentors and someone I could trust was Jim Rohn.

Here are a couple of links to his presentations:

Link #1

Link #2

When someone would join our team, I would send them a cassette tape to listen to the entire presentation. Now it’s just as easy to have someone find his information on YouTube or Vimeo. Plus you don’t have to wait for me send something in the mail. Much quicker this way.

Also, with so many key points in his presentation, there is one that I need to to offer you as a visual reference. He says, “The same wind blows on all of us … it’s not how the wind manages us, but the setting of our sail that determines our success.”

John Maxwell gives us a very important insight to this concept. He says, “A pessimist complains about the wind. An optimist expects it to change. A leader starts adjusting the sails.”

More info to follow: ( Examples of books to read or articles with key concepts. )