Self Education

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“A formal education will make you a living … Self Education will make you a Fortune.” — Jim Rohn

There are a number of controversies surrounding the Home Based Business industry. Some are legit and some are fabricated. Having the right products, having the right services and having the right compensation plan can make or break a specific company.

In fact, using some of the marketing strategies, causes some of the problems themselves. Making inflated claims and the speed of significant incomes in record times, makes most of the companies owners cringe and hold their breath for a long period of time.

It’s true, records are made to be broken and certain individuals have a certain aura about them. They attract the masses and excel beyond the norm.

Just be aware, like any business, it takes time to get everything in place and build a team that get you to your desired income goals. Things work out in the long run when goals and expectations are realistic.

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