Tax Benefits

Without a Home Business your money is given to standard taxation.
( In fact it’s $20 per day – $600 per month – $7,000 / YR. )

Home-business tax deductions have helped many people
cut their taxes by up to 30-50% or more!

If You run a Home-Based Business YOU can SLASH
your TAXES by $300 to $600 per MONTH,

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— Look at #6 … 157 Deductions instead of 3 ! —

If You DON’T have
a Home-Based Business, You’re Paying
waaaaaay TOO MUCH in TAXES!

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** Note: Congress has approved major tax breaks specifically for those
who have a home-based business, because home-businesses are good
for the economy, and they provide a “safety net” if a taxpayer were to
to lose his/her primary source of income.

That’s Right! These are NOT “loopholes,” “tax dodges,” or “tax
avoidance schemes.” They’re honest, ethical, legal tax breaks:

  • Authorized by Congress,
  • Published in the IRS Code, and
  • Approved by the Federal Tax Court.

Your Home-Based Business can add $3,000 to $7,000 to your
Tax REFUND … YEAR after YEAR after YEAR!!!

Work your business 3 to 4 hours a week,
Prove You’re Trying to Make a Profit,
Keep Good business Records.

“THAT’S IT,” Congress said.


The COST of NOT having a Home-Based Business is HUGE!!!

  • Every day you procrastinate …
  • Every day you delay starting a home-business …
  • Every day you don’t know about these big tax breaks …

You are OVERPAYING YOUR TAXES by $20.00per DAY!!!

NOT having a home business is INSANE!
But You can STOP the INSANITY
right NOW!

Choose a Business that’s Best for You and Get Started!

“Everyone with a home-based business needs this information.
Everyone without a home-based business needs it even more.”
-Robert A.

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( Is Your Money Coming or Going … It’s Your Choice. )

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