The Report

Having this information can be a game changer for you and your family.

A number of years ago, building a home based business was tricky. This report helped an incredible number of people to decide whether or not it was something they should do.

The person who came up with this idea and applied it to building his home based business was rewarded by leaps and bounds. In fact, he became the first million dollar earner in the company that he was promoting.

Let’s have a look and see what the report has to offer.

* Self Made Millionaire … Explains Your Options *

At the time of this writing I am laying poolside at one of my best friend’s home. It’s 9:00 AM Monday morning and the sun is preparing my body for the four trips to the Caribbean and Mexico this next quarter. The majesty of the 16,000 square foot home as it rises above the 12-acre lake, is a significant reminder that we can live our lives one way, then tear up that script, then live our lives another way.

Dale Calvert and his family’s home, a beautiful $4.3+ million dollar, 100 acre estate, uniquely positioned next to Lexington, KY Horse Park & directly across from Spindle Top, is absolutely one of the most impressive pieces of property on the planet. In Dale’s office hangs a picture of a 600 sq. ft. house where he and his wife started their life and family 30 years ago.

I gave you the snap shot not to impress you … but to impress upon you that you are living your life exactly as you expect your life to be. The liberating thought is that quite simply with the decision to change, you can live anyway you wish, you can have anything you want, or you can become anything you wish. When I think over my life – working 16 1/2 years, filling a position as a Sheet Metal Mechanic, eventually ending up in middle management, then deciding to leave that position, and start over working from home, I realize that what I am sharing with you in this report is SOLID GOLD.

People See And Expect Success In Different Ways …
Understanding How It Works Changes Everything!

“Most People Forget That It All Starts With A Decision To Take Action.”

A famous business philosopher, Mr. E. James Rohn often speaks of two types of people. The first person is the type who when introduced to a fine phrase or good idea receives that information, puts it into action and changes the world. The second person is the type that when exposed to the same phrase or idea registers it in his mind and continues to follow the same path, filling the the same position he has always filled. I call this second type a (( “position holder” )).

He or she conforms to the guidelines levied onto them by their existing environment. There is an ancient phrase that suggests that we become our own environment. When you take yourself out of the picture, stand back and look at your community or the society in which you live, you will notice a variety of position holders. These people represent public servants, lawyers, bankers, real estate brokers, small business owners, factory workers, postal workers, engineers, doctors, etc., etc..

Recently I attended a baptism of my nephew at the Villanova Chapel. Attending this ceremony were many distinguished alumni wearing a two-inch button with a number on it. This number represented the year they graduated. Talking with some of them, the first thing you realize is how proud they are of their Alma Mater. The next thing you discover is the positions they took in our society after graduation. They truly enjoyed returning to the place where it all began for them. Some had invested well and through their expression you could detect no stress, no fatigue, and they were 100% satisfied with the position they held. Yet others felt very mislead, misdirected, and concerned about the rest of their lives. Bottom line they were not happy with their position in society.

This report is for those people whose lives have not turned out exactly like they had expected. For those people who hold positions and are not satisfied, I recently heard some lyrics to a song where the writer was exactly on the same page that I am. The song talked about . . . modern day salvage / treasure hunters and how the men of the mainland were drawn down to the sea to search for the treasures of the past. In this song he quoted, “Some men are born to be other men’s slaves punching the time clock from birth to the grave.”

[[ “The Reality Is Society Pays Positions Not People.” ]]

The reality is society pays positions not people. For example, if I were going to hire a secretary in South Carolina, I would research to find the average pay scale for a “secretary” in this “region” and I would fill that position based on that regional pay scale. The individual’s knowledge, talents, and abilities would only determine where they start in that pay scale. His or her lifestyle would remain within the boundaries of the position of a secretary.